Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 25th, 1976

Thanksgiving Parades and kidvid on TV all day including a British ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Today's theme was turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, baked beans, green beans and marshmallow treats!

I pried out the shelf in my desk and then rearranged everything so it wouldn't stick.

Dad won twenty dollars on the Lottery, first time on Double Play.

Psyched myself up for WOODSTOCK.

Chose Nixon--maybe--for my Government report.

NOTES: We usually would go to my cousin's house or my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving but every once in a while we'd stay home and my Mother would go all out. She'd spend the whole morning stuffing a turkey and baking it. We never had anyone over on these occasions. It was just us. And the turkey was always big enough to leave at least 3 days of leftovers. 

This year in 2011, all we could afford was a tiny turkey breast, cans of yams and baked beans and microwavable mashed potatoes on paper plates. Sigh...Things change. Still, we find ourselves much better off than many so we are thankful. And I'm thankful for you for reading this and for the nice response you've given to seventeen year old me this past year. Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving no matter what your circumstances in these trying times. Things will get better for all of us. The one constant in life is "things change."  

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