Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 18th, 1976

Not fully recovered but I returned to school. Felt fine much of the day until I had Wendy's. Lots of new books out including PLAYBOY.

No Mona at school again.

Quite a bit of good stuff on TV tonight.

Learned of Raquel finally doing a topless appearance!

NOTES: Raquel Welch was undoubtedly THE biggest sex symbol of the 1960's. Originally coming to some prominence as weekly window dressing on TV's HOLLYWOOD PALACE, in 1966 she appeared in a major role in FANTASTIC VOYAGE on the big screen. From there, she quickly grew in popularity, gaining major roles in other films and having a number of sexy posters--mainly from BEDAZZLED and ONE MILLION YEARS, B.C. Never praised for her acting, in spite of her sex symbol status in the most permissive decade ever, she  never once appeared nude or topless in a movie. Jane Fonda did, Vanessa Redgrave did...just about every actress did in fact. It was just the thing to do at that time. But not Raquel. 

In the seventies her career slowed even as she started getting better reviews for films like THE THREE MUSKETEERS. She started a nightclub act and toured extensively with it. I almost got to see her at the ill-fated Beverly Hills Supper Club. the best of my knowledge, she never DID appear topless in anything. Even in a long-awaited PLAYBOY appearance in the early eighties, her sexy photoshoot kept her surprisingly covered. 

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