Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 6th, 1976

An inability to decide what books to get brought me instead to pick up a couple of magazines and a German Beatles import album instead. Wow. $6.79. The most I've ever paid for an album!

A very real-seeming sci-fi dream last night.

Saw an unseen (or un-remembered) episode of STAR TREK today.

Also watched a pretty fair Elton John special on TV and tonight saw Wonder Girl on WONDER WOMAN. Also learned the Wings TV special will be rerun.

NOTES: I still have the Beatles album I bought that day--a German vinyl version of HELP. At that point, the American version included incidental film music. This was the original song lineup including YESTERDAY which, in the US, was not on an album. 

Be funny if that unnamed STAR TREK episode was THE NAKED TIME as I'm watching that with my 15 year old son as I type this in 2011. 

The Wings special mentioned was a late-night concert/documentary called WINGS OVER THE WORLD I believe. Until the belated release of the concert film ROCK SHOW, it was the only place to relive songs from the Wings concert I had seen earlier in the year. 

Debra Winger, briefly a fairly big movie star, played a variation on the Wonder Girl of the comic books in a two-part episode of WONDER WOMAN. She was short, seemed a tad plump, but was funny and sexy. As she became more popular I liked her less and less.

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  1. Lynda Carter was one of my earliest tv crushes, but when Debra Winger appeared as Wonder Girl, she quickly swept me away. Looking at pictures now, I'm not sure why. Maybe she seemed more accessible to a 12-year-old boy.