Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 28th, 1976

Watched an amateurish local parade taped Thursday on early morning TV.

Decided to skip WOODSTOCK again. Instead listened to a six hour radio show (well, not all) with Dick Clark.

Dad bought me Ringo's new album as well as the Beach Boys Christmas Album. I couldn't wait and played them!

Watched neat Lucy and Brady Bunch specials on TV.

Lots of snow right at trash time tonight. Was almost a blizzard by bedtime tonight.

NOTES: One reason I kept skipping WOODSTOCK was that it was only playing at a theater pretty far out in Cincinnati where I would have to take two buses for about an hour and a half trip to get to (about 20 minutes if I drove but i didn't). That theater was said to have the biggest curved Cinemasope screen in the state of Ohio so it was always fun to go there but I only ever made it three times. 1776 in 1972, AIRPORT 1975... and WOODSTOCK. Yes, I would eventually catch it there.

When it comes to the Beach Boys, I now recognize that they were two groups--Brian Wilson's Beach Boys with their melodies, high harmonies and experimental music and lyrics, and Mike Love's Beach Boys with their pop riffs, imitation surf guitar and lyrics about girls, cars and waves. I kind of like SOME of the latter's stuff but I'm a huge fan of the former's! I did NOT like the Christmas Album and "The Little Saint Nick" still makes me cringe when I hear it.

Ringo's album was RINGO'S ROTOGRAVURE, the third album with the "gimmick" of having lots of superstar help. In this case, the mediocre songs featured guest playing, singing and songwriting from Paul and Linda McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Peter Frampton, Dr. John, Melissa Manchester (who my three year old son would one day nearly knock off a balcony by accident---looong story there), Harry Nilsson and Eric Clapton. A shame the album wasn't better.


  1. Will you ever tell the story about Melissa Manchester and your son??

  2. Actually I already did tell it at my main blog back in January of 2006. My wife, back in 2000, had been involved with THE MILLION MOM MARCH in Washington. In fact, she's on the back cover of the video commemorating it!

    Anyway, I wrote a long piece on that at BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY and here's what I wrote about Ms. Manchester's encounter with bookdave---"We were invited to a reception at Planet Hollywood for the celebrity guests but we arrived late as we had also been at a first-time ever get together for all of the March’s coordinators. Although I enjoyed Demi Moore’s Captain Crunch Chicken (and have since duplicated it here at home), the only celeb we met was singer Melissa Manchester, to whom we had to apologize after David nearly knocked her off a balcony while running around and bopping some other kid with balloons way past his bedtime."