Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 7th, 1976

Up at 5 AM but back to bed at 6. No Laurel and Hardy. Don't know what happened.

Paper shows several good-looking films opening this week.

Somehow I felt closer to Mom and Dad today.

Spent the afternoon on homework.

Taking two 1999 books to show Mona tomorrow.

Saw Bogey at 2 and then bathed and washed my hair.

Big trash fire at the grocery store at 9:15!

Saw the new Mousketeers for the first time on Disney tonight and then finally watched GONE WITH THE WIND.  Not that impressed really.

NOTES: Oddly enough, Laurel and Hardy are running all night long tonight on TCM in 2011. 

Presumably I was referring to SPACE 1999 books that I was planning to show Mona. In yet another odd tie-in to the present day, I offered several SPACE 1999 paperbacks fro sale on my Bookstore blog last week!

The new Mouseketeers were a mixed bag with the cute one--the new Annette-- being little Lisa Whelchel who would go on to fame as Blair on THE FACTS OF LIFE. My favorite was POPS (I think that was his name), the young African-American kid. 

This would have been my first time watching GONE WITH THE WIND. As a film buff, that was a big deal. That said, as I wrote, i really wasn't that impressed. I love the photography and the sets and the spectacle and the costumes...but I dislike all the characters and the story drags SO much to me. 

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