Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 8th, 1976

No HOLMESPUN again. I left the 1999 books at school to show Mona tomorrow since I didn't see her at all today.

I learned that Linda Blair will be playing Liz Taylor's daughter in a TV Entebbe film.

I got 9 1/2 on the English paragraph from Thursday. I did Comp vocab homework at SS from a dictionary I thought I'd never see. Every obscure word and thought ever seems to be listed--even "fuck." So weird!

I saw part two of WONDER WOMAN.

NOTES: VICTORY AT ENTEBBE was the first of two TV movies with all-star casts about the Israeli commando raid that saved hostages hijacked to Uganda. Besides Liza and Linda, this one co-starred Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Richard Dreyfuss and others. See above. It was first on the air as it was shot quickly on videotape.

The second was a tad lighter on the star power with Charles Bronson, Peter Finch, Yaphet Kotto and HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS' Kim Richards. It was a much better film, though. 

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