Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 4th, 1976

Headache. Bad back pain, too. Couldn't concentrate. Made a lot of mistakes in class today.

A lot out in Cincy but I didn't end up getting anything today except dinner.

Snow flurries today of all things.

Found a neat STAR TREK article at SS. ANGELS one, too.

NOTES: Jeez, these entries were sure getting sparse. It looks as though I did NOT keep a journal for 1977 but I HAVE found a full and compete 1974 Journal. I asked on Facebook if anyone would be interested in seeing what would essentially be a prequel to this blog. What do YOU think? Want to read about me watching TV, listening to music, reading books and going to movies as a Freshman and a Sophomore, too? Let me know, please.

In yet another coincidence across the years, I've spent today with a headache and really bad back pain!

Odd that I didn't mention it but November 4th was my friend Terry's birthday. In 2011, I wished him  a happy one earlier today on the phone. It's also my wife's birthday! Her 50th!

You know the end of the year is getting near when the song that was about to hit number one on the charts actually would end up remaining at the top right into 1977! A big year for Rod Stewart. 


  1. I for one would like to see your 1974 journals! I was also a kid in the '70s and I've enjoyed your blog. (I kept journals back then too, but unfortunately I didn't save the ones from my younger childhood years. The oldest one I have now is from 1979.)

  2. I vote yes. Being nearly the same age (though female) I enjoy your entries, seeing what you were thinking and doing back in high school.
    Love your blog!

  3. I just discovered your blog. I think your 1974 journal would be awesome. I wish I'd done this myself, even though mine would've been in the 90s and not as interesting.

  4. I'd love to see a 1974 blog. I've really been enjoying this one, you're a couple years older than me, this has really been sparking a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing it.