Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Everyone has their horror stories of the current economy so I won't go into mine. Suffice it to say that between unexpected health issues and continued unemployment, we may NOT be able to pay for our Internet service at the end of this month and this blog--as well as all of my others--will have to be suspended for an indefinite period of time. If you're a fan or regular reader of A GEEK'S JOURNAL-1976, please consider making a donation using the PayPal button on the top right to make sure the Bicentennial year posts keep coming!

Thanks in advance and thanks for all of your support.

Oh, by the way...seen above is Sidney Australia, a giant stuffed rabbit who sat in that living room chair for eight solid years beginning in 1975! As you can see, Sid was a big baseball fan. My father called him Cedric. He was rescued from an abandoned apartment in our building and just became part of the family. In fact, I have no recollection what happened to him except that he was no longer there by the mid-eighties. Perhaps he went walkabout. He never wrote, never called. Sigh.

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