Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1976

I wondered today for the first time where Debbie might end up going to college?

Had the organizational meeting for HORIZONS today. Looks pretty good. Me, Lee H, Lisa V and 3 others I don't know. We gotta make posters and judge all the various entries on my movie scale.

Ordered my yearbook at lunch.

Constance spoke to me first for a change.

Good TV early tonight (Bionic) and then watched second debate. Earlier watched more Connie on MIKE D.

NOTES: I was never big on Yearbooks. Maybe it was because I'd never heard of them until seventh grade. No one told me about getting people to sign them or write stupid "predictions" or stuff like I didn't. They distributed the yearbooks in seventh grade and I took mine home. Same with every year after that. Just seemed wrong to purposely allow someone to deface a brand new book!

Lisa V went on to marry another guy in my class after graduation and his mother, whom I had never met at this point, would later become my favorite customer when I was managing bookstores!I saw her again just a couple of years back when I was working at the Airport Borders.

Lee H was a guy I didn't know very well. Didn't have anything against him. Just didn't really know him. At my 20th Reunion back in 1997--the only one I've ever attended--he told my wife we were very close friends in high school. No idea if he was mis-remembering or what.

Number one on the charts this week was one Walter Murphy with, believe it or not, disco classical music! A FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN.

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