Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, Oct 18th, 1976

Last time I'll ever believe astrology. Today was a very good day after all! Forgot to take the posters, though. No Spanish class today. Never did hear why exactly.

Sat next to Mona in Study Hall and on receipt of my senior picture, she gave me some nice compliments! I  wrote a poetic inscription on the reverse.

Got the new TBG already. As usual, some good ads.

Leonard Nimoy was on with Daryl and Toni tonight and Roger Moore was Sherlock Holmes in New York.

I taped part of SWEET YOUNG THING.

NOTES: Dating back to the early seventies, I used to record songs from TV and radio, originally on a reel to reel recorder but by this point on a cassette recorder. 

Daryl and Toni were THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE. No recollection of why Nimoy appeared on their variety hour on this date.

With my Sherlock Holmes obsession at its height throughout this year, it was very accommodating of film producers and authors to continue feeding my interests. SHERLOCK HOLMES IN NEW YORK featured "James Bond" as the great consulting detective. Outside of that seeming stunt-casting, the rest of the cast was impressive including THE AVENGERS' Patrick Macnee as Watson, legendary director John Huston as Moriarty and Charlotte Rampling, then quite the hot property, as Irene Adler. Although looking nothing like the classic image of Holmes, Moore was actually quite good in the lead, also!

As far as the astrologer, there would be another incident a few years later in 1981 where celebrity astrologer/actress Joyce Jillson (SUPERCHICK) told me a day that would be my luckiest day of the year...and I ended up in the hospital that day for the first time in my entire life. With kidney stones!


  1. Steve-

    Have you seen the new BBC series Sherlock?

    I also use to tape Monkee shows of the TV. I first saw them around 1976.

  2. Yes, I quite enjoyed the BBC SHERLOCK. Interestingly enough, the second episode was written by one "Steven Thompson." Seriously. No relation.