Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, Oct 25th, 1976

Dad's off all this week.

Played chess in empty Spanish class. Hardly anyone showed up! In fact, little classwork all day. No sign of Mona.

No SS work tonight.

Nice, adult, romantic episode of ALL'S FAIR tonight.

Mom found a house buyer.

NOTES: A house buyer? We never owned a house! I'm confused. Was she looking for someone else? No memory.

Not sure how I got out of SS work, either, as they were always there and quite frankly, most of them were slobs. There had to have been ashtrays and trash cans overflowing. Oh, well.  

ALL'S FAIR was one of those shows that SHOULD have made it but didn't and is now largely forgotten. From IMDB: This sitcom set in Washington, D.C. detailed the relationship between 49-year-old conservative political writer Richard Barrington and his liberal photographer girlfriend Charley. Despite frequent arguments concerning current events, topical concerns and the generation gap, Richard and Charley stayed together, much to the amusement of their friends and co-workers.

TV and movie veteran Richard Crenna starred along with Bernadette Peters whom you may recall as one of my favorites then and now. 

Crenna had been a regular on several old time radio shows including THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE and OUR MISS BROOKS and on TV was known for THE REAL McCOYS. He was also a prolific director and a good character lead in feature films, perhaps most notably as Stallone's commanding officer in the RAMBO films. 

Bernadette Peters apparently postponed her Cincinnati concert appearance scheduled for this Fall as her site now lists it for April instead. Wish I could go.

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