Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, Oct 15th, 1976

I suppose you'd have to call this a bad day.

Finally talked with Marie for the first time in ages. Says she wants one of my senior pics for some reason.

Over the river after school and few new books were out.

Not much on TV tonight except presidential debates and boxing.

Yep. Bad day.

NOTES: Bad day? Sounds kinda dull but bad? Hmmm...

I really did enjoy talking with Marie before her mental illness became apparent. We even spoke of getting together away from school sometimes but we never did. I remember we talked later in the year about going to see the Dario Argento horror film SUSPIRIA. Not a date. We just both liked horror films. She always made it clear in no uncertain terms she had a boyfriend...although in retrospect i think she was lying.

Sadly, the number one song on this "bad day" wouldn't have made it any better. DISCO DUCK by Rick Dees and his Band of Idiots. This novelty disco song was one of the worst of the whole Disco Era. Dees had been a disc jockey and, in fact, was married to Julie McWhirter, a wonderful voice actress and mimic who made quite a few TV appearances in the seventies. In the eighties, I actually got an autographed pic of her.

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