Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 14th, 1976

Slept late today. No movies or nothing. Just stayed home, watched TV and read a lot. Oh...and IT.

One of the best things about being home this week is getting to watch the THAT GIRL reruns. I really empathize with Don and I just adore Ann! Just a wonderful show all around.

I read more Spidey comics, finished ILLUMINATUS vol. 2 and began vol. 3--I may yet finish by summer. I also finished reading the new sex movies book. It's rather prominently displayed on my bookshelf now but I'm not too afraid anyone will notice it. I think I could handle it if they did. That book has helped to give me a whole new attitude about sex
I think...but I'm not sure I'm really able to make sense of it just yet. Probably won't be the final new attitude either.

NOTES: In recent years one of the very few TV series that I actively purchased and enjoyed on DVD has been THAT GIRL. Still holds up and I still feel a kinship to the writer, Don, as well as a wonderful crush on actress Ann Marie.

Still not sure which sex in movies book I was talking about here as there were two purchased around the same time. Terry had each before I did and both were large enough for me to be worried about leaving them prominently displayed on my shelf. Both are seen above. The red one is a typical Citadel Press release filled with scholarly and yet fannish info, heavily illustrated by black and white stills. The other was a British picture book on slick paper with tons of color and more concise information. I learned a lot from both. And yes, I still have them both.

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