Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, April 2nd, 1976

Fair day at school. Maybe slightly below average. Everyone was talking about HELTER SKELTER while I had watched SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 and I'm sure liked it much better. A particularly good ending. To me, if the ending's great it makes the whole picture better. The whole thing was cut but still almost too R-rated to be shown on TV. I'm surprised they did.

Saw Karen Valentine on DONNY & MARIE tonight as well as on a good ROOM 222 rerun.

Had a sore throat all day. Hope it gets better by tomorrow. Terry already hit the NKBS and says there are four new books out. Going to be a tighter schedule than last week but at least I won't need to wait on him since he's already gone.

NOTES: HELTER SKELTER was the TV movie about the prosecution of Charles Manson. Being obsessed with the sixties, I eventually did go through a period where I became interested in his bizarre, murderous odyssey but this wasn't it.

The movie of SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 is, in retrospect, not really all that good but then it's one of those books perhaps best left unfilmed. It does, however, have some moments of genius and was most folks introduction to the voluptuous Valerie Perrine. For a few years, Ms. Perrine would go on to become a fixture of the seventies, adept at comedy and yet heart-wrenching in roles such as her acclaimed role as Honey Bruce in the 1974 film, LENNY. In real-life she was widely known to be one of the in-crowd. She had been the first star to appear nude on American television (in 1973's PBS production of STEAMBATH with Bill Bixby) and is generally remembered today for her role as Lex Luthor's "moll" in the Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN.

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  1. My first exposure (no pun intended) to Valerie Perrine was via Superman. Only being 11, she was one of my first movie star crushes, along with Margot Kidder. I had both of their bubblegum cards from the Superman the Movie card set taped inside my locker at school. My then girlfriend became jealous and drew mustaches on them.